Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wip Wednesday, or is it FO Friday?

Most of the projects that were in progress last Wednesday are And I didn't get to do an FO Friday because nothing was FO. So, I'm posting a few things I finished up today, on Wednesday. And hopefully, fingers crossed, there will be more FOs on Friday.

I've been in a scrapbooking marathon, mostly on the weekends, sun up to sun down and beyond. I want to be caught up. It was the one New Year's resolution I intend to keep. I am up through August, so still 5 months behind but up through August is huge in this family. All of the grandmunchkins, but one, have birthdays June, July, and August. 8 of them. So being caught up through August means I'm through birthday season. (As an aside, two more months of pictures just arrived on my doorstep-I see another marathon weekend in my future.) Another reason to be caught up is the big trip we have planned in a few months (as Bobbie correctly guessed-Washington DC!!!) and there will be pictures. These are a few of my favorite page layouts, just a few, because there were so many I liked that I picked just two and then one more jumped out at me.
I liked the layout below so much I copied it in every book. I usually get ideas from my own head but once in awhile I use a book for inspiration. I very rarely copy the book idea in all the details but just use it as a jumping off spot. Such was the case in the layout below.

After, whew, all the scrapbooking, I felt the urge to sew. A little urge. Placemats fit the bill and they will be off in the mail this Friday, fingers crossed again, in the two swaps I am in. Hmmm, I always put that my "stuff" is from a pet free, smoke free home. Wonder if I should put that there are loving little fingers that touch, handle, snuggle, or lay on it?

The above is for the "Let's start at the beginning" swap in the Itty Bitty group. ever! I've made lots of friends in this group. It would be so fun to meet up in person but considering where we all live, that won't be happening. So I'll enjoy them, the conversations, the companionship, virtually.

These are for a Mickey Mouse swap in the Disknitty group on ravelry. Me, Disney, yeah how could I pass it up?

Hope to be back on Friday with more Fo's. Considering I have a nasty head cold that's kept me in and down, I should have some knitting done!

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  1. You are one busy woman. Do not know how you do it all. I am really liking the little brown cable sweater. What is it's name? I just cast on a pair of longies last night. Should work on them today. But I should do lots of things today:)