Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday, take 2

Pictures are better than words, sometimes. Today, the words are few so here are some pictures of what's on the needles, or soon to be:
I really don't have startitis. I really have finishupitis. But! There is a baby shower this weekend for a very special baby. It's my niece's first and it's a boy and she's doing the nursery in woodland's a new sweater for the little guy about to be cast on. On ravelry this sweater was knit in 2 days so I'm hoping 3 and a half days will yield a sweater, and hat. Fingers crossed. Or rather not crossed so they can knit. Look for pictures of a finished sweater on FO Friday.

This test knit is due, um, last week. Ooops. But it is going faster that I thought once I learned to read cable charts. Sort of. I love the yarn (Sublime) and the pattern is interesting and entertaining but it definitely is a project that requires a whole couch to spread out the instructions and not a carry about project. I was able to watch tv, sort of, while knitting last night. I hope to finish this this weekend after the baby gift.
No scrapbooking in progress. I've got pictures and supplies on order but they won't be here until next week. I'm still 6 months behind. In 7 albums. Wish I wouldn't have typed that. It looks worse in print and in stacks of pictures!

And, of course, these are always a WIP. Feeding and loving and teaching almost everyday.
I almost forgot to mention, there's a WIP vegetable soup simmering right now on a very brrrr day.
I almost forgot! I have another WIP I've been working on. We're going to take a trip this spring! Somewhere I've wanted to go since I was very young. So the plans, agendas, what to see on what day is an ongoing WIP. I'll give you a hint...I had to contact our Senator to get passes into some of the places.

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  1. I'm betting your trip is to Washington, D.C. If it is, be sure to plan plenty of time for the Smithsonia; I could spend WEEKS in there. Don't miss the First Lady dresses, and the gem hall, and the airplane exhibit, and Julia Child's kitchen, and the Apollo space exhibit, and ... and. ... and .... ;)