Thursday, January 27, 2011

FO Friday

I know it's Thursday but I finished the Tulip outfit yesterday, got pictures today, and gave it to baby and Mom today. And there is no way I'll finish another knit by tomorrow for Finished Friday. My first two knits for 2011. I hope the trend continues! This is the Tulip cardigan in Dream in Color yarn and there was enough leftover to make the Marley Hat from the Itty Bitty Hats book. I really love Dream in Color yarn, the vibrant color, the washability, the feel, the squishy softness of it. I guess I don't do well at hiding the fact it's one of my favorite yarns. I was in the Knitting Bee a couple of weeks ago and the helpful staff told me that the Dream in Color yarn for the previous month was 30% off and, "I know how much you love Dream in Color." And, yes, I did buy some!

It doesn't hurt that the baby is adorable as well. And that's a fact. Not prejudice. Well, maybe a bit. But she is still adorable.

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  1. I saw your posting on Ravelry. Love the sweater:)
    Right now I am working on a shrug called Chloe. It is a pattern I purchased on Ravelry. It calls for Spud and Chloe and even though that is a favorite yarn, it is a bit pricey, so I opted for Cascade 220. I think I might have to look up Dream in Color as I am always looking for a new favorite:) Darling baby too, of course. She makes the sweater shine:)