Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Putting life on hold....

Well, as much as possible. But with adorable and active little ones around, there is only so much you can put on hold. She's on the move....which means keeping carpets vacumed, doors closed, floors mopped, coffee tables cleaned off.

We couldn't let Dr. Seuss' birthday pass without some fun. So there were Cat in the Hat hats to create.
And a birthday cake to blow out the candles.

But when I wasn't busy with grandmunchkins I was addressing the New Year's resolution 2011- catch up the grandmunchkin's scrapbooks. New Year's resolution 2011-done! I didn't exercise, except for a few walks, didn't eat, much, didn't do anything the last couple of weekends, except...scrapbook! 2010 is all in the books! There are a few more pictures coming today for January and February 2011 which should take an evening to scrapbook and then I am caught up. It just wasn't getting it down to do a few pages a day. With adorable grandmunchkins changing rapidly I was taking pictures faster than I was scrapbooking them and getting further behind. Now, the next resolution...stay caught up and enjoy scrapbooking again!

There was another swap in the Itty Bitty group in the midst of all that scrapbooking.
The theme was, "Let's start at the very beginning" or, in other words, "A" is for apple. It was an apple swap.

Three more knits for my 2011 tally. These were the requirements for the swap package. The rest was left up to our discretion, choice, and creativity.

This is the hat I received in my swap package. It is adorable on the youngest grandmunchkin.

And talk about creativity! This is the swap package I received from my swap partner...all the way from Ireland!
Here's to hoping the blog stays caught up with the scrapbooking. There are some sewing and knitting projects in the works!

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