Monday, March 21, 2011

Sewwwwww Finished!

I really like to sew. It's a source of relief, comfort, a place to be alone with my thoughts. I had a pile of sewing to finish. I'd finished up all the scrapbooking! So now, to finish up the sewing projects and escape the sewing/scrapbook room for a bit. Plus I am seriously behind on my knitting. It turned into a comedy of errors. It was an emotional weekend with the nightmare of the past year front and center and then my angelic??? daughter decided this weekend to try my patience. So the sewing was not a place of relief, more like torture and with a "git 'er done" frame of mind. I am grateful I have more than a few years of sewing under my too tight belt or my projects would have been in the garbage. I could turn mistakes into design features. Guess where my grandmunchkins are going??? If they're going to meet one of my favorite characters, they must be dressed appropriately. Plus it gave me an excuse to play with Disney fabric. I have a love/hate relationship with boys shirts. They tax every ounce of knowledge I have, they are fiddley, they can't be just sewn up, and mistakes are obvious. At the same time I am very proud of every shirt I sew (that looks good) because they tax every ounce of knowledge I have and they are fiddley and they require concentration.
This was my last sewing project for the session and one I had high hopes for. I loved the material and the trims I found and I thought the pattern would work for what I had in mind. Not sew. And it turned out I was sewing this while tired, emotional, and right after a, um, session with my stubborn daughter. See the second band after the trim? That wasn't supposed to be there. I cut it too short. See the pleats in the sleeves? My addition as well. The sleeves looked like wings and were exposing to say the least. One of the reasons I am grateful to have some sewing knowledge or this would have been in the garbage and totally re-made...maybe.

And then there was this guy. Enjoy the following story. I could not get him to pose with his shirt. He was more concerned with unzipping his pants!

Oh, were you taking pictures?

Ok, you have my attention. For now. But make it quick!

The swaps in the Itty Bitty group are nothing short of addicting. I can't seem to pass one up. This one is "B" and "C" for bunnies and chicks for....wait for it....Easter! It's a quick one with only 3 weeks to get the package in the mail since some packages go clear around the world to Australia and Ireland. So we were to include a kit for a bunny or chick related something from one of the Itty Bitty books, some chocolate, and something hand made. This time it could be sewn, knit, crocheted, whatever. Most are sewing or knitting or both. I am one of those doing both.

This was my "practice" bag. For me. I didn't like the way the Easter fabric took over so I adjusted my swap partner's bag. This was going to be mine but a certain little girl wants it so we'll see.....

This is my swap partner's bag. I found, after stalking her on ravelry, she likes green so green it is. I hope the whole swap package will fit in this bag.

This bag is for her "kit".

I also found, after stalking, that she's looking for a dpn case. I hope this fits the bill. I made 3 of them from a pattern I found on etsy, one for her, one for my daughter, and one for me. I made a few changes but if I were to do it again I'd make a lot more than a few changes. For now, it works, and I have the finished case for measurements if I want to do another.
And Sew! I am sew finished! With scrapbooking and sewing. Onto to the knitting pile!


  1. The shirts look great! They are going to be dressed appropriately for sure! 2 and 1/2 weeks and COUNTING!!!! I want it to be known that it was your YOUNGER daughter - not me! that gave you issues! Also - haven't tried my dpn case got in the way yesterday. I figured R and I can repack my knitting bag tonight - she loves to do that! Yarn fumes already!

  2. You have really been busy sewing! All 3 shirts turned out adorable! And lucky swap partner. We moved 2 years ago and I am just now beginning to get to the point of setting up a sewing area and I can't wait! We moved our bedroom furniture around just enough so there is a spot for a table! YEAH!