Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sit back, get some coffee, Easter Weekend photos~

They say a photo is worth 1000 words. Well then, this post must be a novel, or several novels. Think the Lord of the Rings series. The weekend started with the annual Guild Shop Hop. This was my fourth year and my daughter's second. I didn't take too many pictures. I was too busy shopping and making decisions. Suffice to say it was as enjoyable as always. But this was it for me. The yarn diet has begun. No new yarn until next year's shop hop. There are too many beautiful yarns in my stash begging for their turn on the needles and out of the totes/bags/boxes.

This was the first stop on the tour (after Starbucks) and it is the yarn store I usually frequent so it was like coming home but with a big discount!

Since it was Easter weekend, there were eggs to be colored for the Easter egg hunt. Ok, so I love to color eggs and use the grandmunchkins as an excuse.

There is a difference in the egg coloring of 3-4 year olds and 9-10 year olds. It's 55 minutes!

And then Easter Sunday was upon us. The verse Pastor started his message with rang in my head for the remainder of the day: There is now therefore No Condemnation! I am no longer condemned by my sin. Because He lives I can face tomorrow. Because He lives all fear is gone. Such good news and the day would have been sufficient with that good news. My life would have been sufficient with that news. But I am thankful God has more in store for me.

Like beautiful grandmunchkins dressed up for Easter Sunday! Little Miss R does not care for Easter bonnets so she opted for a tiara she got from her recent trip to Disneyland.

Check out Mr. W. He had me laughing all day and again as I went back through the Easter pictures. He was in rare form. Actually, not so rare for him. He reminds me of another with his personality. And that can bring the tears. I miss him so much and I wish I had enjoyed that personality of his even more than I did.

The princess and her court jesters?

Another sweet princess ready for the Easter egg hunt at church.

My husband greets and hands out bulletins every Sunday morning. He involves the grandmunchkins as part of his greeting committee. They've learned to shake hands, say "good morning" and, when it's someone special, give hugs.

Our youngest grandmunchkin in her first Easter finery. She was a little tired and later started running a fever so she was more sober than usual.

And, of course, Easter means pictures for the scrapbooks. Little Miss R was about fed up with pictures as well as being tired and hungry. Note to only before church, not after!

The family pictures......

Like I said: Note to before church!

After church we went to my parents for Easter dinner. In their mid 70's and they still had 30 people for Easter dinner!

After filling their tummies with good food, it was time to hunt eggs, real and those filled with chocolate.

However! This egg hunt may be one for the books! My husband grabbed the eggs from the fridge to hunt. ALL the eggs. Can you see the drip coming from the bag? Some of those eggs were white...for a reason...they weren't hard boiled. The Easter bunnies that hid the eggs did question why some of the eggs were white but hid them anyway. Oooops! Ah well, we all laughed and this egg hunt will stand out from the others.

Even the big kids found amusement in the toys found hidden in the eggs. One of the memories I came away with after Easter, especially after Easter dinner at my parents, was how much the family loves the children. There were 9 little ones under the age of 10 and there were pats on the head, hugs, help with hunting and hiding eggs, serving them dinner, laughter, toys for them to play with.

If you stayed with this post to the very end, go have some chocolate, you've earned it!

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