Monday, May 9, 2011

Another knitting project for the tally!

Another test knit for Elena! I've started volunteering to test knit all her patterns since I love every one of them. This is the Tropical Fish skirt, project 2011-8. It's knit from Tahki Cotton Classic mostly from the stash. Since Miss R wanted pink and "puple" I had to head to the Knitting Bee for a pink and a purple to fill in. That was before April 24th when the Cold Sheeping began. More about that later. I knit a size 2-4T and the fit is perfect. Full details on my ravelry page.

This was really my first project with the Tahki Cotton Classic but I will definitely use it again. It knit well, although a bit splitty at times. I've seem much worse. It washed well, but I laid it flat to dry so the lace would open up. All in all, I'm thrilled with how it came out. I'm not usually a fan of knit skirts but this changed my mind. I think the combination of the cotton yarn and the pattern it what changed my mind.

The girly princess was really happy with it. I have one more detail to add but the cut off date for the test knit was May 10th so I wanted to get it entered.

Now about that Cold Sheeping...I joined a group on ravelry to hold me accountable to use it up or do without. I have too much yarn so I put myself on a diet, ok a real diet, but also a yarn diet. Until OFFF and then until the shop hop in 2012. Hold me to it!


  1. I love that pattern!! I was just looking at it on her blog today. How do you volunteer? I think she is an amazing designer.
    And yes, having little munchkins around certainly makes a day brighter and yard work much easier:)

  2. I have the most adorable daughter on the planet! Oh, and the skirt is pretty cute, too! What a princess!