Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is it Here?? Finally?

Well, it was just a tad cool to be really sprinkler weather but they thought if they dressed appropriately for summer weather, summer weather would appear. It didn't. But then it's not the Fourth yet. That's the official start of summer in the northwest, no matter what the calender says. Despite lower temps than the weathermen predicted, the sprinkler was great amusement. And great fun for someone who likes to take pictures. Talk about photo ops...kids and water..what could be better!

This captures it all. And is one of my favorites!

Someone was less than pleased at being left out of all the fun. This is her version of her hands on her hips. In disgust.

The temps and weather did cooperate for the first hot dog roast in the backyard.

And what hot dog roast is complete without smores for dessert? This girl is going to get every last morsel.

And the first corn on the cob. That tasted even better than the smores...in my opinion.

I did a little stash busting for summer skirts for the girls. The pattern is a free one on the web. It's called the Marketplace Skirt. Super fun to sew, great stash buster, and cute too. Our niece posted it on facebook with the link. The pattern is a tutorial as well as a pattern. Great photos and instructions and I'm using it to teach my granddaughter to sew a bit more this summer.

Once again, thanks to my sister, and her decorating scheme gone awry, I was the recipient of some really cute fabric, perfect for summer skirts! There was enough of the main print to make 3 skirts with enough left over for some tops I think. The 3rd skirt is my granddaughter's summer sewing project. I'll post some photos when she's done. It's cut out but she had to do a bit of math to revise the pattern for a 10 year old size. There were instructions in the pattern.

I purchased t shirts for all of the kids when we were back in DC so there was no need to sew 4th of July shirts this year. Good thing since I have some test knitting in the works. But I had some red, white, and blue in my stash, enough to make two skirts. The weather is supposed to be nice on the 4th so the girl's can wear these over shorts or leggings if they want. Even if they don't wear them, I had fun sewing them! And they were great stash busters. If I can't bust my yarn stash, I can bust my fabric stash. And keep the stash down.

Fourth of July skirt number 2 for the 4 year old.

And one more summer skirt. I think I'm done sewing for a week or so. Then there is a jacket to make for the fair, and a birthday!


  1. I love the skirts! Tell Pam to keep the fabric coming! LOL

  2. What happy children and happy skirts!