Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So what do YOU do when you go camping?

Our church family has been camping together for one week in the summer for 33 years. The very first campout was organized by mother in law and I was pregnant with our daughter. She organized it for many many years after. I don't think we've missed but one, maybe two, in 33 years. The campouts started at Cape Lookout and gradually moved to Ft. Stevens State Park. It is the site of a Civil War fort that actually saw action with the Japanese in WWII. The fort, or parts of it still stand and there are tours available or self guided tours. Ft. Stevens, other than the history, has something for everyone! Allow me to provide a tour as I take you through the photos from our trip. Unfortunately only half of our family could make it this time. But we enjoyed those that did come. The beach. For me, enough said. On the beach of Ft Stevens state park is what's left of the Peter Iredale that ran aground years ago and has been slowing giving up it's hull to the sand and sea. But for now, it's a landmark. Our grandson dubbed it the "pirate" ship so that's what we call it now.

To get anywhere at Ft Stevens there are paved, and not paved trails. A bike is definitely a plus but walking, lots of walking, is possible to get to the beach, the fort, the battery, the lake, and etc.

Daddy and daughter came down for the little one's first camping trip. She was not thrilled with the beach, or rather the sand.

Sorry little one, it will come, your love for the beach and sand...fingers crossed...since most of the family Loves the beach!

If you're camping, hot dogs and s'mores are a must. And for this age group, clean up!

Exploring the pirate ship.

Must.have.kites. at the beach. Daddy turned out to be a great kite flyer. Two of the boys got new kites for their recent birthday, a helicopter and Buzz Lightyear.

Once Daddy got them up, they were passed around and everyone, including yours truly, took a hand at flying them.

Ahhh, sand and kids...a match made in Heaven!

Ft. Stevens state park also boasts a lake, Coffenbury Lake. It has swimming, fishing, rowing, hiking, a sand hill to climb, and as our grandson found out, a place to create an engineering marvel. With Mom's help.

There's also a playground to explore, or take pictures of kids exploring.

And what better way to end the day than with bubbles around the campfire...or bubbles filling Mommy's chair! With great enthusiasm. Or is it from s'more overload that the enthusiasm is so high?


  1. I'm so glad that your grandkids are making the same kind of memories at Ft. Stevens that we all store close to our hearts.

  2. Looks like all had a good time, especially the little ones. Nothing like a time at the beach!!