Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two down....

Two birthdays and two wips. But before I get to that, here's a shot of our local WWKIP event. Yep, we converted one to the dark side. And I think we got her, hook, line, and sinker. She knit all day Saturday, even in church, ahem, and she's still knitting! She's not usually one to "sit still" so I am pleasantly surprised. Hopefully it gives her something to be quiet with when she has to. Two down, six to go...birthdays that is. We are in the midst of grandmunchkin birthday season. Or rather just beginning it. 8 birthdays in 8 weeks. Try keeping up with that if you like to make your gifts, which I do.

There are ways of buying some time. For example, have the birthday girl, who turned 10 today, frost her own cupcakes...it's a win win, they have fun doing it, and I can take pictures while they are occupied. All kidding aside, they love doing it and why not let them have some fun in the preparations.

This is the first birthday of the season. She turned one! Already! We were honored to host her first birthday party. Her Mommy and Daddy did all the work of party preparations and used our home. It was supposed to be an outdoor bbq but, as is typical of Oregon, it rained. So we spread out indoors.

After her party, her parents dedicated her to the Lord at their church. For me this was an answer to prayer. To see her parents dedicated to bringing her up to know Jesus and outwardly showing it and put themselves in a role of accountability for that.

Birthday 1 of 8

Birthday 2 of 8

And then, drumroll, there are 2 WIPs down, I think 2 to go! Sure there are a lot more projects with yarn and patterns partnered up, but none actually on the needles so they don't count as WIPs. These have been on the needles for a bit, the above for 4 months, the below for over a year. Whew! They are done and to the little ones for which they were intended. Both are on my ravelry page. The above is the Hoot Cardigan, project #15 for 2011. Below is Dainty Dancer, project #14 for 2011.

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