Monday, June 6, 2011

In "the zone"

"The zone" is what my husband calls the sewing room. Especially when I get in there and don't come out...for anything. I quickly enter and plan to exit a whole lot faster than I do.
WWKIP is coming up and once again I volunteered to make gift bags. 15 of them. That would have been a quick trip to "the zone". But, face it, they're boring to sew and it left me wanting more. That required creativity. I had two dresses cut out from a pattern in "Sewing with Whimsey". I thought I'd finish them. Quickly. I needed one more and my sister had supplied some material I didn't have room for in my stash drawers. So now we have dress number 3. And after cutting out dress number 3, I didn't like the white on dress number 2. So I recut the skirt time and bodice. Onto the sewing.

I didn't come out of "the zone" for 2 more days. But I'm over the wanting to sew creatively...for a bit. My granddaughters have summer dresses. Well, two of them do. The third one is way too big for the youngest so she'll get it next summer. In the meantime I'll enter it in the fair.

While I love the dresses in the book, the patterns are sadly lacking in finishing instructions. The cuteness is all on the outside and one is left to their own devices to make the inside look finished. Therefore, I'd say the patterns would frustrate a beginning seamstress.

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