Saturday, August 13, 2011

Delightful Dolly swap!

Swap time again in the Itty Bitty group! This one was called Delightful Dolly. You had a choice to sew a doll or knit the one from Itty Bitty toys or knit one of your choice. You were to provide clothes for dolly and whatever else deemed neccessary to make dolly a joy to a child.
I received my package today! This is indeed the dolly from Itty Bitty toys and she brought along Chloe from Spud and Chloe on the Farm. I have a start now on the farm set! The dolly and Chloe were knit by my swap partner, Pat, and the blanket was knit by her friend Janie, also in the Itty Bitty group. The dolls are truly a work of art. The stitching is so perfect and they are soft and cuddly. The sweater, booties, hat, and panties she knit for the doll are beautiful! This is the whole swap package. Oh my goodness. Can you spell spoiled? There is a nightie for the doll, Spud and Chloe yarn to knit the pigs from the farm set, Jordan almonds (which I will share with my Mom since she loves them), stickers, a fairyland activity set, and colored pencil set for the grandmunchkins, a rubber ducky and baby bottles for the doll, a tablet in the shape of a dress, flower buttons, a Raggedy Ann and Andy pattern (that I almost bought last week!), and stitch markers shaped like the nesting dolls. Did I forget anything? I wouldn't be surprised if I did since there was so much!

Here is another glimpse of the blanket. It is so soft and squishy. The little girls are going to have so much fun with these things.

I sent my package out today. I tried knitting the doll and suffice to say, she didn't get finished. I would show you more of the package but I'll wait until my swap partner receives it. Here are a few glimpses of the actual doll. I ended up making three of them since I had the fabric. And then...I threw the pattern away. Horrible pattern. Hard to sew up. Spent more time ripping than I did sewing just to get the seams right. Perhaps I'm a perfectionist but sewing a doll shouldn't be that hard. She did turn out cute though and I am pleased with her. I included her bed and my daughter made her blanket. There were other things in the package so I'll post more later.

Just a close up of her face.

I have another knitting project finished but the pattern is being published and until it is, I can't show it. Hopefully next week. I loved it.

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  1. I am amazed at the beauty of these swaps, in all and the wonderful talent that is in each stitch and thought.