Monday, August 22, 2011

Warning! Picture intensive!

We went camping!

We're back! From a week camping with the family and it was one of the best camping trips ever since our kids were little. We camped at Ft Stevens, an old Fort, built for the Civil War and retired after WWII. This is one of the batteries, perfect for climbing, exploring, playing hide and seek, and reading it's history. It actually was fired on by a Japanese sub in WWII and returned the fire.

There was squirrel feeding... There were 3 generations...although the youngest generation shook her head, "no" whenever the first generation held out his arms to hold her.

Food aplenty and lots of family meal times....

There were marshmellows, smores, and dirty children that got showers every night which prompted the quote: "Is this water sanitary? It looks questionable to me!"

There were WWII displays at the Fort. This jeep had been completely rebuilt by this man and he was kind enough to let the little ones sit in it and honk the horn. He had an authentic WWII uniform on.

There were bubbles....

There was the all time best camp food ever...according to my daughter...peanuts in the shell.

Games on the picnic table....

There were opportunities to explore an old ship wreck, the Peter Iredale, dubbed the "pirate ship" by the grandmunchkins.

There were opportunities to cook dinner, or part of it, over the fire. A friend calls this "snake on a stick" and we've adopted it. Biscuits roasted over the fire and then coated with butter and cinnamon and sugar.

Fireside times....

There was another fort to explore, Ft. Clatsop. There were period clothes to try on.....

Even one year olds found the fort fun to explore.

There was the Astoria Column to climb....

And, oh my, there were bike trails galore to explore! Or just ride around the loop over and over.

There was the beach! But it didn't last long because as is typical of Oregon, if the valley is warm and hot, the beach is cold and windy.

And a vacation for my husband is not complete if there isn't fishing involved! He went out and brought back a salmon for dinner! It was wonderful!

And we started out our camping adventure with....WORK! The garden is producing and there were fresh green beans for dinner. After being snapped by these 3 energetic campers.

What didn't get done? Knitting! Crocheting! A little reading but that was it!

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  1. How much fun!! Our last big outing as a family was three years ago when we all went to Seaside for a week. This gramma does not sleep in tents any more so we rented two condo's but we all still had a great time. Being together as a family is what counts the most.
    What you mentioned on my blog, our church offers it and I am considering it. I will probably be phoo phooed by DH cause he does not believe in sharing that way, but I am thinking I just may need it. Thanks.