Tuesday, November 22, 2011

just a quick one....

Hello? Are you out there? Just checking since I haven't heard from you for awhile. That's me, bad blogger. But I've been knitting, knitting, sewing, knitting. Just finished a test knit for the fabulous Australian designer, tikki. LOVE her designs and being a test knitter was a privlege. She has no problems getting people to test knit her designs and I was very lucky to be chosen this time. There are usually no openings.

I give you...Elizabeth by Georgie Hallam. I aggresively blocked it which is a kind way of saying, I overblocked the length. I will re block soon and take more pictures. The weather has not been cooperative for outdoor photo shoots. I knit this in Sirdar Baby Bamboo and I will definitely use it again. Yes, there is a lot of it in my stash but that's not the reason I'd use it again. I enjoyed knitting with it, liked how the lace and cables popped, and how easy it was to block.

The sweater is a bit long, maybe a tad big around, but this is her Easter sweater so in 6 months and with re blocking I think the fit will be fine. I have 4 more of these to do. The Moms like to get the Easter dresses for their daughters, as they should, so I'm doing sweaters this year. Whether or not they wear them for Easter is their decision.

As usual, more details and photos on my ravelry project page. And this is my 20th knit this year!

And, no post is complete without cute kid pictures.

Beaverton has a bounce house of sorts. Didn't know that. But it was worth a two hour visit on a rainy Friday afternoon.

The littlest one did not like the inflatables but she like the cars! Beep beep...

The slides were the most popular by far.

My husband took 3 of our grandmunchkins fishing on a Saturday morning. It was cold but they all caught at least one trout.

And Pepper Jack (as my husband calls her) is just, well, cute.

Have a great day. It's definitely a Winnie the Pooh day today so tea and knitting.

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  1. Love the blue sweater!! Saw your post first on Ravelry and it reminded me that I had not been over to visit for a while. We are having a Winnie the Pooh kind of a day North of you too. Kind of like those kinds of days:) Happy knitting and Blessings for Thanksgiving to all of you.