Monday, October 31, 2011

No tricks, just Treats!

It's a treat to be able to share the following...First up...another knit finished! I'm going to beat last year's number for sure. This is project #20. Doesn't matter that it only took about 3's still a knit project and a fun one. More details on ravelry but more pictures below because it was part of the treats we had come to our door.
Another treat was to introduce, proliferate, convert, etc, my granddaughter to a gathering of knitters. We ladies went to listen and meet the Yarn Harlot! We laughed until we cried and our cheeks hurt. The lady has a way with words. And yarn!

Miss R got her Mommy's book signed. 9pm, no nap, running on adrenalin, and she was so polite and well behaved. Very proud of this little girl!

My Mom went. And my sister, who refused to be photographed. Both enjoyed it as well even though one has not knit for awhile and one has not knit at all. Wonder if my Mom would take it back up if we introduced her to merino wool? She knit with scratchy acrylic.

And here we all are! With the Yarn Harlot! It was a treat of a night!

To be followed several nights later with the real treats of the season....Trick or treaters in the form of grandmunchkins!

Mr. Banana

Super girl!

Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty



Getting ready to trick or treat at the mall

And Soup met us at the mall (See the hat? It completes the costume)

And she treated us later at the door with her adorable little grin and her Mommy and Daddy.

Aren't they the best treats ever? All of them!

More treats at our door!

Well, there was one trick. The weatherman said there may be showers around but you'd have to look hard to find them. Um, we didn't!!! And it wasn't a shower! It was a downpour! Still, it was a treat to see the adorable kids in their element. Candy and kids go hand in hand

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