Thursday, December 8, 2011

Re visiting the Thanksgiving celebration

It's become a tradition the last couple of years to decorate gingerbread houses after Thanksgiving dinner. This year, since dinner and the Civil War were on the same day, we decorated at half time. The game was basically over at half time and the kids', big and little, enthusiasm for football had reached it's peak and was headed down the slippery slope on the other side. Bring on the gingerbread houses! Lots of supervisors as the workers get anxious to get going.

Intense workers. Crafting the perfect house is labor intensive.

Great family activity.

But the lure of the sugar was too much to resist.

For even the older "kids".

Some stayed on task until every piece of candy was placed just so.

There are definitely those in our family that are very enthralled by crafts.

Then there are those that crafts hold the attention for only so long. Or could it be that the sugar high has taken over? Whatever the cause, silly entered in.

And despite the sugar, creativity continues on.

Drumroll....we have the tour of Gingerbread creations....

Each as unique as their owners.

I've been crafting a bit as well. A few more FOs:

placemats and napkins for my swap package

a test knit: Tanvi, 6 month size, also for my swap package (project #23)

the mouse from the Christmas set in Itty Bitty Toys, also for my swap package (project #25)

the little elf from the Spud says blog, also for my swap package (project #24)

details for the knit projects on my ravelry page

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