Sunday, December 18, 2011

the lighting of the Advent Candles

It is a tradition in our church that a young little man, or lady, light the Advent candles each Sunday of Advent. This year, there were 3, all the same age, that have not lit the candles yet, and, are the youngest available in the church with the ability to walk down the aisle, light the candle (s), and not set the church on fire. And the 3, just happened to be my grandchildren. So, being the Nonny that I am, I remembered my camera and below are the rights of being a grandparent...bragging..... Mr. W was the first Sunday of Advent.

And so proud to be the candlelighter. He overshot the candle a bit and headed for the Communion Table but Pastor jumped up and put him back on track.

Great Grammie is our starter for the candlelighters. She lights the candle and sends the little one on their way down the aisle. She is also pretty thrilled with the candle lighter is one of her little ones. The little ones are equally willing to work just so for Great Grammie.

Mr. B lit the candles the second week of Advent.

However, he was over come with a last minute stage fright and grabbed Grammie's hand and pulled her right along with him. There were more than a few wet eyes the day Mr. B and Grammie lit the candles together.

This Sunday, Miss R, lit the candles. Indulge me in a bit more bragging. The dress she wore I made, 14 years ago, for my youngest daughter. It was her first Christmas with her family and she got to light the candles. The dress went in the cedar chest and has come out now for two granddaughters. Miss R was thrilled to wear it and I was thrilled to see it again.

The candles were a bit stubborn for Miss R and she had help from one of the worship team. But what a joy to see these find their place in the church and to work with those older than themselves. And what a joy to see the older reach out to help and interact with the younger.

Thank you for allowing my indulgences. May your Advent be a blessed one. I'm headed for a marathon sewing session as I get the traditional Christmas PJs done. I will be reflecting, per Pastor's message this morning, on why we give gifts. The first, and most perfect Christmas gift was given long ago when God gave His only Son to redeem sinful man.

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