Monday, April 9, 2012

Peter Cottontail came...and went!

Warning!  Picture intensive! 
Everyone went different directions for Easter so we grabbed a weekday, grabbed the family, and grabbed what part of the holiday we could as a family.  Enter 10 dozen eggs, 1 Large fruit salad, 4 family size pizzas, and 8 children, 6 adults, and you have an Easter egg coloring party!
Table decorations courtesy of two little girls excited to see dandelions and daisies make their appearance.

Gather round!
Intense color it done?
Well, if the eggs were less than colorful, the hands made up for it!

The Saturday before Easter is the community Easter egg (really candy, not eggs) hunt at the fairgrounds.  I was, ahem, invited (actually offered to come along as a photographer) to enjoy some of the grandmunchkins enjoying the sunshine, the candy, the pony rides, the bounce houses, and the petting zoo.
I think she thought "If I don't look, he won't be there".  She didn't cry but she didn't look either.

Hunting candy.  And Mom and Dad helped.
Onto to meet and feed the critters. 
And then it was the older kids candy dash.  And considering the crowds and over anxious parents, I didn't get many shots of candy hunters.

And their were pony rides.  The faces say, "we can't wait!"
Sunday morning brought the new Easter finery and happy smiles.
And just in time for Easter, at 1:30 am Easter morning to be precise, I finished the Easter shrug!  I have a new favorite yarn:  Madelintosh!  Used to make this whirligig shrug.  A new favorite pattern too.  Simple enough to give a quick knit but enough details to hold interest. (details on my ravelry page)

So!  The chocolate and the morning fun is kicking in.  Photo op is Over!
The face says it all.  Easter is fun!  But lest you think pictures with the Easter bunny and egg hunts and Easter baskets and new dresses is what Easter is about.  Just ask these.  They'll tell you Easter means Jesus died, was buried, and rose again to cleanse us from sin and open up the way to spend eternity with God.  The bunny, the eggs, and the candy are just fun additions.

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