Monday, April 2, 2012

A finished dress...early!

I was selected to test knit a spring dress for Dakine Knits.  I loved the dress they had done to write the pattern and I certainly have enough girls to knit for.  They asked me to do an 18 months.  Perfect for the 22 month old in the family.  Originally the plan was to have us purchase the yarn for an indie dyer so we used the same yarn but that wouldn't have happened in time for the pattern to be released for those that wanted to knit this for Easter.  Enter Knit Picks Swish and Spud and Chloe from stash!  I wasn't crazy about the colors I put together until I added the last green stripe.  That seemed to finish it for me.  There is a shrug and headband in the works to complete the whole outfit.  And I finished it 5 days before the deadline.  I'm usually asking the designer for an extra day, or week.

 I tried to get a picture without the bat and ball.  This is the only expression I got.  So excuse the pictures of an adorable little girl in a spring dress....with a bat and ball.

 Guess she is her Daddy's daughter after all.
And since it was so beautiful out, I tried for some pictures of the older cousins.  They were more happy to endure my photography sessions. 
 Especially if it meant climbing trees!

 I was asked to put a handful of flowers in one little girl's hair, and only one flower in the other.  There is soon to be a photography session with Miss R wearing her Auntie's dress.  Stay tuned. 
I have seriously cute grandmunchkins.  Of course the sunny day put smiles on all our faces.  And now, maybe I can get time to finish "The Hunger Games".   I learned not to start a book with only a day and a half to read it before the grandmunchkins come back.  I didn't finish it over the weekend and it's been calling me all day.

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  1. Your grandkids are soooo cute and I love their smiles - on some of them :-) It is nice to see your beautiful dress on the one it was made for, even if she wasn't into modeling. I still can't picture myself knitting a dress, no matter what the size.