Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It wasn't ALL work, there was lots of play

First up, I finished something and now I can reveal it.  The last swap was Hedgehogs and Hippos and we were to include either the flip toy-from squirrel to hedgehog, or the hippo.  I made my first toy that did a magic presto chango.  This little squirrel flips in to become......
 A hedgehog.  I want to make another.  I'm not sure if I'll make an animal or the Cinderella for a birthday.
 I also whipped up two dishcloths.  Now these are fun and the hedgehog cloth was designed by Ber in our group for us to use.  She made 3 and I only had time to do one.  I've got the other two saved though and will do them soon.  They were just plain fun to knit and she did a great job designing the pattern. Details for all on ravelry.
 We are into late spring which means the winding down of the school year extracurricular activities.  The one we are heavily involved in is Awana.  For a couple of years now the end of the year activity is a skate party.  It is really popular with the kids and because we go on a Wednesday night, the rink pretty much belongs to our Awana kids.  Graypa and I helped the kids stay up for a bit and then they pretty much rolled on their own with a bit of help from Graypa.  I don't think they needed Graypa's help but they liked having him around to play and he came home saying, "Now that was fun." 
 The kids were given end of the year gift bags which included a stuffed animal.  I'm not sure if the animals were taken out in the rink for fun or for extra cushioning ;).
 Spring also means it's time to plant the garden, ours and my mother in law's.  My husband rounds up the grandmunchkins for a work crew and we head over after he's rototilled and plant.  A couple of hours of work? (more like play) and she has her garden in.  I could not begin to teach from a book what they learn with the hands on experience of planting a garden.  Plus they have fun and get to be kids. 
 The littlest of the work crew had a rough start but she rallied and was soon planting along with everyone else, or rather, digging and getting dirty.
 Miss S is an expert bean stringer and she was put in charge of training the younger crew.
 Sorry, couldn't resist posting this picture.  We found this on a consignment sale and it had to be on this boy.  It was designed for him. 
 They worked diligently.  For the first hour.
 And then the boss (Great Gram), not the crew chief (my husband) decided they needed a break.  Complete with a snack.
 I think my favorite memory of this day was watching the kids be kids.  They dug in the dirt.  They found tadpoles in the pond.  They released ladybugs and let them crawl all over.  And then they had lunch at McDonalds.  For a kid, that's a perfect day.

 And the next day was my perfect day.  I played all day.  It was the annual Guild shop hop.  Board a bus at 9am and get escorted to 5 different yarn shops.  This was the end of the day and we were enjoying a glass of lemonade before it was time to board the bus for home.  And we're still smiling. 
 It was Miss S's first shop hop and we'll take her again.  She won the gift certificate for the first shop and bought yarn and needles. She was a trouper the whole day.
 Mrs. C is still smiling too.  7 months pregnant and shopping.  Although at this point we were hungry.  Shopping is hard work!  We are not shoppers, any of us, but that goes out the window when it's the Shop Hop and we are shopping for YARN!!
 And here's the loot:  Madelintosh, Blissful Knits, Berrocco, Cascade. and others.  We had fun together.  Now it's time to put the Cold Sheeping into play and knit up what I have.
Which might take awhile considering the dining/school room is now scrapbook central and there are 6 months worth of pictures to put into albums and an order from Creative Memories has been unpacked and is ready to go.

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