Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Were you looking for pictures of cute kids?

Well, there won't be any in this post so you may want to come back another time.  We just had a holiday weekend.  Which meant, not only was it a holiday weekend for my husband, but for the grandmunchkin's parents as well.  So 4 days with no little ones around.  Yes, we went through withdrawals but we had a looooong list to accomplish so it kept the withdrawal symptoms at a minimum.   We had wanted to go camping but waited too long to get reservations.  We could have camped a ways away but what would be the point if the whole weekend was spent in driving and only a day or two to actually relax.  So.....
 I secluded myself.  5 days to get 5 months of pictures into 5 albums.  I took over the dining room.  I brought it all out and I focused.  And I have the aching back and mental fatigue to prove it.  But they are caught up....for now...again.  I keep thinking I'll stay caught up and not do these marathons but the shiny knitting needles  and yarn fumes keep my focus and before I know it, whoosh 6 months have passed.
 I can't do the marathon sessions unless everything else is sort of organized.  So before the weekend, I planted the herb garden.  It's a smallish herb garden, right outside the kitchen door.  We learned last year what we'll use and what we won't.
 And I planted the flower garden.  I don't like to weed or keep flower beds but I love lots of color in the summer.  And I love to water.  So bring on the pots and the color.  It's getting more and more every year.  Pretty soon there won't be a deck left to sit on.  We've already had a hummingbird at the hanging baskets and butterflys. 
 My husband is one of a kind.  He encourages my various hobbies.  Especially the ones that have to do with the grandmunchkins.  He encourages and supports me staying home and taking care of them and teaching them.  And when he gets home, he tries to give me a break by reading to them or finding things to do with them.  This weekend he planted the garden, by himself, so I could get the scrapbooking done.  He mowed the lawn and he washed the beast and he cooked dinners, so I could scrapbook.  And then he looked at the scrapbooks when they were done.  He's a keeper.
 He planted "Duck" tomatoes.  They are actually a heirloom tomato from Germany known as Zebra tomatoes.  We tried them last year for fun and they were so good and prolific, we planted two this year.  Our grandson dubbed them "duck" tomatoes because they are yellow/green when ripe and green flesh.  He also planted beets.  Because we have a granddaughter that has reminded us over and over that we must plant beets.  We do every year but she didn't want this being the first year we didn't.  And when I told her Graypa planted the garden, her first question, "Did he plant beets?" 
 Our daughter entertains herself well.  She crochets blankets for hospice and knits hats for charity.  But this weekend she worked a puzzle.  A 500 piece puzzle.  By herself.
 It may not seem like much, and for a normal 25 year old it isn't, but trust me, for our 25 year old, this is huge.  For her to think logically, to see the pieces, to do it herself, just to do it.  We were practically jumping up and down. 
And she was so proud of herself!  As well she should be.

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  1. What a great post, Debby! So love seeing your garden and your lovely daughter! XXOO nicky momoffour