Saturday, July 28, 2012


All 8lbs 8oz of him.  Our little grandson was born this week.  He joined a loving, active, fun family who couldn't wait to be a family of 6.  They had to wait...and wait....and wait.  Everyone thought he'd come well before his due date and he had a lot of "gotcha" moments where we all thought, "it's today!" And then it wasn't.  He came on his due date...yep, you got us all little guy.  Is that a foretaste of things to come?  If so, you are in good company.  Your siblings are already good at the "gotcha", your older brother in particular. 
 They were half in love with him before he came.  But life right up until his birth was full of stresses so they didn't realize just how much in love they were going to be with this little guy.  I just heard his Mommy tell his brother, "I don't want to put him in the swing because I'm enjoying holding him."  And Daddy could have put him in his bed while Mommy slept but did he?  No, he held him.  Yes, he is loved, as their family is famous for saying, "to the moon and back."
 I didn't expect to cry.  After all, we've been through this a few times.  But it never gets old or "just another baby.  Each one is so precious, so perfect, so unique.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Who does he look like?  I can't tell.  He has his Mama's mouth but other than that, he is Mr. C.

 There were lots of cuddles that first day.
 No singing this time.  Graypa is famous for singing to the grandmunchkins, or just singing.  But no time this day.  Soon, he will hear singing.  His brothers and sister learned from Graypa.  They did sing to him the next day.  "Jesus Loves Me" complete with signing.   They have taken over for Graypa.
 Some say he looks like this brother, who looks like Daddy.  Maybe so.  Time will tell.  He will still be a unique little person.
 There will be no lacking affection and attention for this little one.  He joined a very loving family.
Perfection.  All 8lbs 8oz and 10 tiny toes and 10 long fingers.

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  1. Oh, Debby, he is so precious! Nothing like seeing God's creation for the first time. How wonderful he has joined such a loving family and extended family! :-)

    Zowmom on ravelry