Monday, July 16, 2012

Please excuse the unscheduled pause in the posts.

But those lazy days of summer?  They don't exist in our lives.  We're smack dab in the middle of birthday season and a new wee one is expected to join the fray at any time so that birthday season will be 9 birthdays in 7 weeks.  From June 17 until August 4th. 
 The newest little guy deserved a quilt.  It is similar to his older brothers.  I showed the top a few posts back.  But now it is complete.  Backed and quilted.  And ready to enter in the fair.  Little C won't have need of it for a few weeks anyway so I'm borrowing it for a fair entry. 
 And Little Mr. C has a hat to go with the sweater his Mama made him.  No, I didn't knit this one.  But it is exactly what I was looking for to adorn his sweet little head.  It came all the way from Ireland.  A sweet friend from the Itty Bitty group sent this to me for him.  It is so perfect.  It coordinates with his sweater, it's knit from soft Spud and Chloe and the buttons just make it that much sweeter.  Ber has a sweet little boy of her own so she knew exactly what would be welcomed for Mr. C.  I am amazed by the generousity and kindness of my friends in that group of which Ber is one prime example.
 And I would be remiss if I did not brag a bit on our birthday grandmunchkins.  These 4 are all 5.  Three turned 5 this month, catching up to their cousin for a few weeks.  She will be turning 6 then.  But they have to be the cutest 5 year olds.  I see one of the 5 year olds needs the Nonny "talk" about ruining pictures.  Ahem....
 We went to Out of this World Pizza for play time and, you guessed it, pizza.   Then back to the house for 3 birthday cakes, a table full of gifts, and lots of smiles and laughs. 

 On the same day, this little guy turned to double digits, 10!  We had cake and candles and gifts in a small sort of way at lunch time.  He got to go out to dinner to the place of his choosing with his Mom later.
 After he blew out the candles he told me I had only put 9 candles on the cake.  Guess I forgot how to count to 10 ;)  Legos are a huge hit with this guy.  He loves legos and is content for hours. 
My Mom had a birthday too, the next day.  We celebrated at the park since her birthday fell on a Thursday and there are free concerts on Thursday.  Music and a picnic dinner is a perfect way to celebrate.  Apparently the great grandmunchkins are on cake overload?  Cake and ice cream two days in a row!
 I have to add this, just because it makes me smile, and cry a bit.  Our sweet little ballerina.  Walked out on stage and saw her Graypa and, before performing, waved and said, "Hi Graypa".  We both started crying.  What a special girl she is.
 I made this little top for her 2nd birthday during the days of sewing frenzy.  But forgot to take a picture.  She wore it to our house the other day so I snapped a quick photo.  Quite the fashionista isn't she, with those pink boots.  But she loves her pink books and she was only coming to play so take a picture to mortify her later.
Ok, back to the celebrations.....

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  1. I'm so glad the hat made it's way to you and it even made it before little C makes his appearance. I know I said it before but I just LOVE the quilt you made for him. Just beautiful and perfect for a little boy.