Thursday, August 9, 2012

You can't be an ant all the time.

But it is that time of the summer when you have to at least THINK about being an ant.  Fall is out there on the horizon, the garden is in full swing, except the tomatos, and the fruit is falling.
We have apple trees.  Two of them.  They are a dwarf variety.  But I don't think they know that.  At least this year.  The Gravesteins are falling.
I believe if you're going to eat, you're going to help.  Since the grandmunchkins are under my roof many days and since they eat here, they can help in the garden and putting up the produce.  Funny thing though, they don't mind in the least.  They love being in the garden.  Especially if Graypa or I are out there with them.  Which we usually are.  We get excited about what's ready to pick or what's coming up and they do too.
Gardens provide so much more than food.  We've used the garden to study bugs, talk about seeds, the water cycle, plants, sunshine, and on and on.  It's a wealth of education as well.
                                                   See what I mean?  She wasn't asked to pick beans.
Even a two year old can work in a garden.  She wasn't asked either.  She watched and followed the example of the other kids.
She was asked, sort of.  Let's just say I brought out big knives, set them up and they started in.
She was told she was going to help.  But that's all it took.  She is a worker bee that one.

The whole summer shouldn't be spent as an ant though.  There should be some grasshopper time.  And there has been. 
Plenty of playground time.

We celebrated birthdays all summer.  9 birthdays in 7 weeks.  This little one patiently waited her turn.  She's last.  She's been witnessing birthdays all summer waiting for her turn to blow out candles, have a party, and open gifts.  For the two weeks preceding she was so excited she could barely stand it.  It was worth the wait.

There was a trip to the Children's museum.  Great place for kids and Nonny's too.  I could have brought my knitting and sat because it is so kid friendly and they could entertain themselves.  But it was too much fun to join in with them.

And what is summer without water?  Our little town boasts two water parks.  And we've tried both of them out, more than once.
This summer included baby snuggles.  All of a Saturday afternoon thus far but there are some opportunities in the near future to snuggle this adorable little one.
I started a 30 minutes a day quilt project.  I work on it 30 minutes a day.  I can do more if I feel like it but the minimum is 30 minutes.  It is a huge project and looking at it as a whole seemed daunting so I'm taking it 30 minutes a day.  I've wanted to do a new quilt for our bed for some time with a sea theme.  It's started.  Oh, and if you're doing one, why not two?  So, I am doing two of each block.  Our daughter and son in law's quilt is in need of replacement so they are getting the second one. 

Off to enjoy the summer.  Spending part of it as a grasshopper and part of it as an ant.

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