Sunday, August 26, 2012

MIA and this is why

Our daughter in law remarried last week.  We are happy for her and pray this is a wonderful addition to her life.  Doesn't mean it didn't hurt and wasn't hard and there were a few tears shed. 
 It was a beautiful wedding.  Our grandmunchkins stood out as beautiful and handsome and well behaved.

 All the grandmunchkins were in attendance.  Even the littlest and he already knows to be on his best behavior at a wedding.
 Perhaps he was a little underdressed?  But at his age, his baby feet are cuter than any shoes.  Yes, I snapped a picture of his tiny toes.  I have a baby foot fettish I'm told.
 I finally got some modeled shots of the dress I made several months ago.  Fantastic pattern I found on pininterest that was for sale on Craftsy.  It was worth the money because I can see me making lots of these.  Not to mention it won a blue ribbon at the fair.
 And the little princess loved it because it has such a twirly skirt.
 After the wedding, while the couple honeymooned, we took the children for the annual family campout at Ft. Stevens.  7 days in camping nirvana.  Biking, swimming, the ocean, perfect weather, camp fires.  It just gets better and better.  Our family numbers were down a bit this year due to a new little one and other circumstances.  Fingers crossed they'll all be back next year.
Before we went this year, we made one of our best purchases ever!  A trike for our daughter so she could actually go biking with us.  She does not have the sense of balance that most do and no way of riding a regular bike but she can ride this.
 We took full advantage of the Jr. Ranger Program while we were there.  It was bird week so all the activities had to do with birds.  There were bird feeders to make, bird watching 101 classes, bird bingo, making bird bookmarks, just to name a few.
 Even the grandfathers got in on the activities.
 There were dirty faces to wash.  Again and again.
 There were water fights at the lake.
 There was engineering of sand creations at the lake.

 There was bike riding.  Lots of it.  And I have the sore behind to testify to it.
 There were creatures to feed.  Which we really shouldn't have because this little guy would not go away!
 There were Jr Ranger Badges to earn.
 There were bridges to play "pooh sticks" at.  Which brought lots of smiles.
 There were batteries to explore and pose for silly pictures at.
 The battery had great cubby holes to sit in.  If I'd only had some bars......

And there was the beautiful ocean and beautiful sky.  It was a great camping trip with great new memories.  I shed a few tears for the memories we have at this special place.  Memories of our children growing up and exploring the same way our grandmunchins did.  Those children grew too fast but I'm thankful for the memories we made while we could.  It's those memories that make our children now want to come here every year and bring their children.  If the Lord wills, there will be lots of memories for them of their children.

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  1. Oh Debby, I am so glad you had a happy camping trip to follow up such a bittersweet day. Happy for your daughter in law, but I can't imagine how you must have felt.