Sunday, September 30, 2012

A celebration and blessings in abundance

 Me!  It was all about Me!  And my Mommy and my sister got some attention too.  But really, it was all about ME!
 Our church had a baby shower for Mr. C.  He is 9 weeks old now and such a wonderful baby.  Schedules really do work!  I speak from experience, with my own children and with grandchildren.  This little guy ate before the shower and then was content to be held and smooched and cuddled. 
 He was the center of attention, after all it was his baby shower.  But big sis wasn't hurting for attention either.  There were so many grandmothers in attendance, as well as Mom, that she wasn't left out.  See the sparkle in those brown eyes?  Just enough to hint that she can be a little mischievious.  Just a little.  She wasn't quite over the top in excitment and enthusiasm but close.  Mommy could barely keep up with her.
 Personally, I loved the color decor in the decorations.  What sweet ladies we have in our church.
 I think for this gift Mommy appreciated the help she had.  She would have fit in the bag herself!
 Just before the shower, I was sewing the buttons on.  15 minutes before the shower to be precise.  It was still damp from being washed and blocked (in the dryer).  I loved the pattern (a combination of Wonder Years and the Bellyphant sweaters), loved the yarn (Berocco Vintage), and loved how it turned out.  The elephant pattern was just enough colorwork to be interesting but not enough that I didn't ever want to do it again.   I have enough yarn left to try my hand at a colorwork hat to match the sweater with the elephants around.  Or just two elephants?  We'll see.  There was so much more I wanted to do but there is thing I seem to be lacking...time.  Now that my daughter is back to work, I am back to caring for them and teaching school and reading a lot.  I love that I get to do it and hobbies do suffer.  But I'm learning people, not things.  Someday I'll be missing all the busyness.
 There was an abundance of blessings, not just in material gifts, but in those there.  This little guy and gal, along with their two brothers, had 4 grandmothers at the shower.  They are loved by 4 grandmothers that love and pray for them and their parents.  Pretty blessed little ones.
 My Mom above and my husband's Mom below.
 I LOVE being a grandmother. 
 Five, count them, 4 grandmothers.  Two of them Great Grandmothers. 
 And let's not forget an Auntie too.  I don't know how I would care for them as I do if I didn't have her willing help.
 As I was looking through the pictures, I realized, I didn't take any of Mommy and Mr. C.  She let others cuddle him for this night.  But she made up for it the next day.


  1. Oh, what a wonderful day to celebrate Mr. C. :) Such a blessing to have such love and support surrounding your family. :)

    My mom watches my kids right now as well and although some days are harder than others, she said the same as you - the moments don't last forever and I'll miss them when they're gone.

    Thank you for sharing the shower with us. :)