Thursday, October 4, 2012

If you're going to give up something, might as well go out with a grand finish!

This is it.  My last two quilts.  I'm just not enjoying it.  I'm gritting my teeth while I'm sewing.  I'm messing up the math.  I don't want to be back in my sewing room for hours on end.  And I most certainly do not want to kill myself quilting these buggers.  Enough complaining already.  So this is it.  One for my daughter, one for me.  Beach themes-of course.  The pictures do not do them justice.  The colors are more intense and they are sort of washed out.  I'll get better pictures when they're done.  No, this isn't anywhere near finished.  This is just the center portion.  There are a boatload of star blocks to do (pun intended) and then the borders.  And, of course, putting it all together and quilting.  My least favorite part.  Which is why I'm looking into paying someone to quilt it.   I have to quilt one of them myself if I want to enter it in the fair.  Which I do.  Stay tuned for more complaining.

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