Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's almost gone.....

Summer, that is.  But while the bees are still buzzing and busy, we'll grab on to the last days of summer.
 The days are still warm enough to play golf.  The rain hasn't started yet.
 Summer wearing into fall means the salmon are in the river and the days are still warm, but not too warm, to be out in a boat trying to lure them on to the end of a hook.
 It's cooler, but still perfect for outdoor craft projects.  And where better to tie dye shirts than OUTside?

 The water is still on at the local water park.  So before it's too late, there is time for another play day there.
 But cool enough that after a bit of water, sitting in the sun to warm up is a part of the day.
 Late summer evenings are perfect for outdoor volleyball games.  Or spectating if you're not quite tall enough for volleyball.
 Summer evenings mean the hand knit sweaters come out and go on.
 Late summer is a perfect time to view the abundance and beauty of dahlias at the dahlia festival.

 And the end of summer means the end of birthday season and time to get the portraits that mean they are another year older. 

 Outdoor portraits are the best and summer weather means outdoor portraits are possible.  When the portrait session is all said and done, there is time for enjoying the park.  And stopping along the river for a game of pooh sticks. 
What last minute activities are you fitting into the last days of summer?

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