Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Well what do you know? Something got done!

All hands on deck!  The leaves are down!  Bring out the rakes, bring out the wheelbarrow, the coats, the hats, the boots!  Graypa is home and those leaves are going to get raked up and picked up!

                                                        Enough rakes for almost all!

 And when the work is done, there's a wonderful leaf pile calling their names.  Leaves to throw.....
                                        leaves to lay in..............

                                         leaves for a photo op.
             The work is done and the reward is getting to skip naps and watch Disney's Tarzan.  A movie, no matter how good, is just better with kids laughter.  Make that a kids' movie.
 Even the littlest pumpkin had to work.  His work is called "tummy time" and he's not always smiling!
 And can you believe it...there are some knitting and crocheting projects in the FO pile!
 My youngest daughter and I took a class at our LYS in crocheting necklaces.  A two hour class and we had new necklaces for church the next day.  They are made of beads (size 6/0) and rayon thread normally used in counted cross stitch or embroidery.  But the instructor also had samples of other yarns that might be in our stash and useable for necklaces.  Making more?  Why yes I am!  The next will take longer because I'll actually have to string the beads.  The instructor did that for us for class.
 And a sweater is off the needles and on a little girl.  This was a test knit for Dakine Knits called "something whimsical".  It was fun to knit and fairly fast.  I added a bit in the back to made sure it closed up.  Details on my ravelry page.  I used "Rapunzel" buttons and "sparkle" yarn per request of the princess.  She was pretty excited to see her "Tangled" sweater.

A couple more projects on the needles that should find their way on to this blog soon since my Christmas shopping is DONE...don't shoot me.  Simple this year.  Shopping done via a phone call and a few emails and some online time.

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