Saturday, November 3, 2012


Halloween was a little different this year.  It was on a Wednesday, which is our usual Discovery Bible Club night.  So!  Our church youth group put on a "trunk or treat" for our church and the community.  It was wonderful!  They received a lot of support from our church family in supplying treats, showing up with trunks of candy, and setting up games to play.  To quote my granddaughter, "It was so so so so so fun!"
 Even the littlest dressed up.  I know Halloween has some bad connotations and there are evil things that happen or are celebrated on this night, but to dress up in a costume (a good one) and get candy and play games are all the good parts of childhood. 
 Who doesn't love to see this?  A cute kid in a cute costume with a cute grin. 
 There was a fishing pond.  I remember that with fondness from my school carnivals many years ago.  Apparently my granddaughter takes after me.  She will have many fond memories of the fish pond because she spent a lot of time there!  To the point they recruited her to help behind the sheet after a bit.
 The artiste in the family spent some time at the pumpkin decorating station.  Love his pumpkin!

 Little Pooh, who also happened to be the youngest there, won the prize for being the cutest.  I'm sure the judges did NOT wrestle long over that decision.

 There were trunks of cars outside full of candy for the trunk or treaters.  However, there were too many cars to fit so some of the trick or treating was moved inside.  All in all, they made a haul!
 We didn't get have any trick or treaters this year since we were out helping at the church.  So I went along when they trick or treated at the local mall.  It was raining but that didn't stop the fun!

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