Monday, February 4, 2013

Attacking the WIP pile and Happy Birthday to the Best!

Still fighting the flu/cold here.  It's been a long six weeks.  I think I've turned a corner.  The cough has subsided and I've got a few good nights sleep.  But along with the flu came no energy to do much but knit.  And no energy to knit something new but take on a few WIPs.  Uh, it sort of was spurred on by a little boy asking when his "geen and bown" tiger would be done.  "Are you going to finish it today Nonny?"
 Well, it is finally finished.  And if I didn't think it was worth it before, I sure think it is worth it all now.  I think I was overpaid looking at that grin on the cutest little tiger boy anywhere.  Details on my ravelry page.  I altered the pattern, or rather, the way the pattern was knit.  I'll include the particulars on the ravelry page.  First completed item for 2013.  We won't talk about when I started it.
 Second WIP this weekend, jelly bean socks for Little C.  Instant gratification, sort of.  Never mind that even with these itty bitty socks I had second sock syndrome.  And they fit!  Again, details on my ravelry page.
 And yet another WIP.  Only this is not mine and it never made it into a WIP pile.  My daughter is a monogamous project person.  She has stick to it itis most of us only dare to dream about, albeit not too much.  This is a basic granny square afghan from Brava yarn from Knit Picks.  It is a wonderfully soft acrylic yarn.  I bought a bunch of it thinking I would make a wool eater afghan.  It never happened so I gave the yarn to my daughter and said go for it.  Mix and match, use your colorful eye, just have 2 rows of each color.  It is beautiful!
 And then she took the yarn and we made two hats for the January charity in the itty bitty group on ravelry.  Itty bitty hats for preemies.  She knits beautifully the body of the hat and I decrease the top.  She has such even beautiful knit stitches.
 Someone else has been busy.  I got this adorable little owl as a RAK from Raili, a wonderful friend in my itty bitty group.  Both of us felt overwhelmed and a a little down and could not join the Owl swap going on now.  We decided to RAK people instead.  I must say she is faster than I.  Mine is not ready to go out even in the near future but I do have one or two.  This little guy is staying close.  He's a wonderful reminder of a generous friend I've never met in person but her sweetness and kindness comes through in her posts in our group.
 There was no school for a couple of days and Miss S loves craft projects.  I found this one on pininterest and thought of her.  Basically is it painted washers that you make necklaces out of.  The painting is done with nail polish.  It kept her busy for most of Thursday and she seemed to really enjoy it.
 These are her finished creations.  We just need to get some ribbon to finish them off.  I think they are quite well done and really fun.
 Today was my sweet husband's birthday.  He had quite a rough day at work and left a bit early to see some smiles.  Namely the grandmunchkin smiles.  His early arrival was not it vain.  Smiles and cheering and shouting ensued when he arrived.  It was a wonderful day to be outside and when he got home they were in trees, on the grass, on the playstructure, in the woods, AND in the house making the frosting for his cupcakes.  As you can tell, there were a few taste tests.

As I said, smiles abounded and they completely ended his day on a very high note.

 At the end of the day, after a nice dinner, there was one more smile to be had.  A little knock on the door and candy for Graypa's birthday.  The slurpee was not shareable, but the candy was.
 Before I forget, there was no school last Friday, the typical Graypa fishing day.  So Graypa took along a certain l0 year old future fisherman.  He laughed and ate and reeled in the big ones.  The smile stayed firmly in place.  What a great day for the two of them.

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