Monday, February 18, 2013

Finishing up

There are far too many WIPs in the bags in the sewing room, in the bags in the living room, and in my knitting bag.  I've frogged a few, but more of them I actually want to finish.  If the next glittery thing wouldn't attract me (I should stay off ravelry where the next glittery thing is lurking everytime I get on), I would finish something instead of starting something newer and shinier, for the moment.  That said, I usually do finish what I start, eventually.  The shrug is a case in point.  The hat is more of a spur of the moment, instant gratification sort of thing.  And they were going to the mountain, the little guy needed this hat.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 
 Knit from Berroco Vintage, the pattern is For Frosty Days.  Super fun and quick to knit.  Check out my ravelry page for details.  But the following pictures show a cute little guy, tuckered from the fresh mountain air and the cold but warm and protected in hand knits.

 And the WIP that is now an FO.  It's the Silversage by Elena Nodel.  Elena has to be one of my favorite designers.  I haven't yet met one of her patterns I did drool over and run to cast on.  Her patterns are those new shiny things I can't resist.  But they are also patterns I will finish. 
 Elena has branched out and is now dying yarn.  Super smooshy, delightfully colored yarn.  Yarn that makes me go oooh and aaahhh and pull out my debit card.  It's washable.  What more could you want?  Madelintosh move over.  So the Silversage is her pattern and it's knit from her hand dyed yarn.  Super color.  Details on my ravelry page.

 This blog post started to sound like a commercial post.  My apologies.  I now give you cuteness.  511 pounds of cuteness and energy.  The little? bundle of energy is also starting to be disciplined by her Mommy and Auntie.  That was fun to watch.  She is a mimic of some of her mother's actions.  For example crossing her hind legs.  Saw that too.  We saw a lot.  She kept us entertained for the better part of 45 minutes. 

 That would be my husband, our daughter, and 3 of our grandmunchkins at the Oregon zoo.  We had so much fun with them today that if our upcoming trip to all things Disney is like today, we are in for an epic trip.

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