Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family vacation! Day 1 and 2 at Sea World!

 3 am wake up call for a 6am plane flight to San Diego and this was the expression on their faces.  And that expression stayed all week.  Pretty amazing kids, all 10 of them.
 Her first plane flight and she stayed awake the entire flight there and back.
 How do you move 19 people around for a week?  With A LOT of luggage!
 We checked into our motel and headed to Sea World.  They are sitting in the soak zone for the Blue Horizons (dolphin) show.  They didn't get a drop on them during this show but Shamu made up for it!
 They had a bat ray exhibit where you could pet and feed the rays.  It was hugely popular with the kids.  And adults too.
 Even the 9 month old loved Sea World.  We underestimated him.  He loved watching the shows and looking at the exhibits.  He even got to touch the rays.
 There were rides at Sea World.  They weren't there before.  Despite the torrential downpour, they headed for the water ride, again, and again, and again.  Between Shamu and this ride and the rain, there were some soaked people heading back to the motel at the end of day 1.  Hot showers felt soooooo good!
 Day 2 found the kids, including my husband, the biggest kid, up and in the pool and hot tub for an early morning swim before heading off to Sea World.  With a 2 hour ride to Anaheim, there was no soak zones and water rides for Day 2.
 However, we tried Journey to Atlantis.  And since it was raining, again, our souvenir shopping for the day was ponchos all around.  We are Oregonians and very used to rain, but we were on vacation!  Notice the little blue bump in the second seat?  That would be my granddaughter.  She convinced me to go on this ride with her and once in the seat, she locked arms around the bar and hunched down.  I'm not sure she saw the ride!  She likes rides but she doesn't like getting wet. 

 There she is after the big drop all popped up witha  smile on her face.

We went to Sea World primarily for my husband.  He loves it every time we have been and wanted the grandmunchkins to experience it.  It was a huge success but I think their favorite was the bat rays....and the rides for the older ones.  The afternoon of Day 2 saw us in vans heading for Anaheim and the happiest place on earth!

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