Thursday, May 30, 2013

Warning! Picture Intensive! It's all about the Characters!

Before I get into the next  part of our Disneyland trip, let me show you the latest knit off my needles.  Drumroll, the Flirty Berbais!  From one of my favorite designers:  Elena Nodel.  Love her patterns.  And now she dyes yarn.  Be still my heart.  I don't travel to her Etsy shop very often.  It may take me awhile to finish a hand knit, but at least I'm happy with the results.  And so was the model!  She begged to take it home while it was blocking.  The details are on my ravelry page.  I would love to make another.  I sure know short rows now!

 This definitely is my expression after finishing this knit and the result!
 Part of the magic of Disneyland for me is still the characters, meeting them, seeing them, watching my grandchildren look at them with awe.  We met quite a number of characters and the reaction was the same each time-awestruck.  They'd ask for autographs, pose for pictures.  We waited almost an hour in Pixie Hollow to meet TinkerBell.  And then what does my granddaughter do?  Ask where her sister Periwinkle is! My grandson met Aladdin and told him he liked the Genie better.  But these characters are such gracious people.  They take the kids in stride and act like they are the only kids around.  Aurora gave the kids twirling lessons!  Several of the characters signed for our daughter.  Disneyland is definitely magical.  For kids and adults!

Ok, so someone wasn't quite enthralled with the princesses.  But given his age, we'll go with it.  He did like Mickey, Goofy, Pluto  however.
And enough of the photo ops.  Let's have some fun here!

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