Thursday, July 4, 2013

Home of the free and the brave!

I almost forgot the yearly tradition of new red, white, and blue shirts and dresses for the 4th of July.  Luckily my daughter remembered and showed up at my door on Wednesday afternoon with a bag of fabric and a request for 3 new shirts and a dress for Sunday for church.  Hmmm, 2 evenings and Saturday.  Could I do it?  And then the 5pm phone call on Saturday night that one more granddaughter needed a dress for church.

 I made it!  10:30pm Saturday night they were all done!  And I must say they look sparkly and patriotic.
 This was an add on.  I had the fabric, I had a grandson needing another shirt.  And what is one more shirt if you're already making three?
 Race into the 4th.  Literally.  Our 4th started at 7am with the kids' dash.  Then into the 5k C.A.T. walk.  But after all that, there were some 2 hours to sit and enjoy our town's parade.  It's been a tradition for many years.  Then a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a BBQ and some croquet.  I love our 4th of July celebration and traditions.  And having grandchildren enjoy it right along with you makes the day even better!


  1. Every time I read your posts, I can't help but wonder if your days have 36 hours instead of 24. You manage to accomplish so much!
    I thought that when you posted these cute outfits on FB. Love the outfits and the kids look so cute in them.

  2. Thank you. I sure don't accomplish as much as I would like and then get frustrated. Keep trying to remember people not things are what is important.