Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer is just around the corner

We are still in spring mode but there have been enough summer type days that we've taken advantage of them.  For instance, nap time outside on the lawn.  And yes, two of them actually slept.
 As the school year draws to a close, we're finishing up the first grade curriculum and doing some fun things, like growing butterflies.  The caterpillars in this shot are just heading into the crysalis stage.  They are now in the net, as crysilades and should be morphing into butterflies soon.
 The end of the year talent show at the local elementary school saw two of my granddaughters showing off their talent.  The youngest sang, "It's a Grand Old Flag" with a friend and the older player her clarinet.  This year's talent show was better than years past.

 And the youngest grandchild is now a homewrecker.  He follows in his cousins and siblings footsteps properly wrecking the house and leaving a trail in his wake.

 Spring is popping up all over in the fields around our house.  We went flower picking today.  The kids call this hill, "Magic Hill" after the hill in the book of the same name by AA Milne.  Wherever Princess Daffodil steps she leaves flowers behind.

 We then brought the flowers home and they arranged them in vases we'd created for empty jars and tied together.  Pininterest gets the credit for the vase idea.  They get the credit for the arrangements.

Just a drive by post on the goings on around here.  I still need to post some Disneyland pictures.  Soon.

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