Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm better now.

I was bitten by a bug.  A sewing bug.  And it's catastrophic to my family when I do.  I zone out and hibernate in the sewing room.  This was a long bug.  I was bit bad.  But whew!  I'm over it now.  I'm sure it will be back.  I still have some pjs to sew and Halloween costumes and spring outfits and flannel shirts.  But for now, the machines are clean and oiled and the fabric stash, trim stash, elastic stash, and thread is down to dress size quantities.  No more little remnants are hanging around.  
 The first sign the bug had bit was when Christmas was mere days away and I needed to get nightgowns and pjs done.  The nightgowns were a success considering they went on as soon as they were opened.  I learned NOT to use tulle on nightgowns.  I've already had to cut the tulle off of one of them and the ribbon on the hem off another.  They love the twirly princess effect so I'll research next year for a filmy something that has more body and strength.  This was the last year of doing pjs for the older kids.
 Next up was a rainbow jacket for the youngest granddaughter.  The smallest size the jacket pattern comes in is size 5 so it will be awhile before it fits.  I'll go ahead and enter it in the fair this year and it will be a Christmas or birthday gift in the future.  I have sewn these jackets for so many.  The first was for my daughter some 30 years ago.  They last since she still has hers and it is about time for her daughter to wear it.  It looks like a lot of work but really, they sew up fast.  A lot of punch for a little work.

 Doll clothes!  Just about double everything you see in the doll clothes pictures.  Two granddaughters got 18" dolls for Christmas.  One was an American Girl doll.  I sewed totes of doll clothes for my daughter that are still in great shape and being used by her daughter.  Could I do any less for granddaughters?  Actually doll clothes are fun to sew.  Like the rainbow jacket, a lot of punch for a little fabric and trim and work.  And they deplete those little remnants of fabric!  I am not a clutter person and I loved diminishing it in my sewing room and those pieces of fabric I didn't quite know what to do with.

 This quilt for my youngest granddaughter has been in stages for 2 years.  It is finally finished!  It is the last quilt I will quilt on my sewing machine.  I actually didn't totally quilt this one.  I tied the big borders with crochet cotton and buttons to add some whimsy to it to match the appliques.

 I have a collection of "Little Darlings" patterns for little girls.  They involve a lot of finishing, ruffles, lace.  I had some fabric in my stash (the filmy with the purple flower embroidery) that begged to be used in something special.  This pattern fit the fabric perfectly.  There is a lot of finishing.  Trust me.  Lots of hand sewing to make it truly finished.  I was going to enter it in the fair.  I still will.  If it survives Easter on this little princess.  Her Mommy saw it on her and said it screamed to be used for Easter.  I agree with her.  So Easter dress it is.  And, if it survives, another fair entry.

 I did get a picture of another little princess in her new nightgown that went on as soon as she opened it and didn't come off for another day!
I've mentioned fair entry several times in this post.  I would like to try one last time for the "niftiest needler" at our county fair.  This will be the last time to try because I have no intentions of quilting again.  Hence the references to fair entry.  As much fun as it would be to enter, and win, I still much prefer the things I make to be used and worn and loved so if the things I make beg to be used before the fair, as in the Easter dress, and don't make it to the fair, they were still a success.

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