Thursday, February 6, 2014

The WIP finish line continues

I set a goal in late December to finish up some WIPs in January/February so I could cast on something new for the Ravellenics.  I sort of stuck to that goal.  But then there was the Valentine's swap in the IBK group on ravelry and then there were children requesting slippers and then there was this stack of cross stitches my daughter had done that was just laying on the table begging to be admired, in a quilt, and then there was a second bout of the flu...enough of the excuses already!  Face it, a few wips got finished up and one is just short of closures to be declared finished.                
 I decided to make my swap partner for the Valentine's Day swap a table runner.  But since I had enough fabric, I made three.  Talk about overkill and sick of the pattern!
 One thing this little one asked for for Christmas was slippers.  Bunny slippers to be exact.  She got them.  Four weeks after Christmas but she was delighted nonetheless.  The pattern was fast, well written, and it felt so good to hold a hook again.
 Slippers number 2.  Mukkluks for kids.  Fast pattern and the winner didn't take them off according to Mom until that night.  Details for both sets of slippers on my ravelry page.
 My swap partner sent me a cup cozy.  So beautifully knit!  And red is definitely my kitchen color!  It's a Mickey color after all!  I'm thrilled with it and it has not left the cup since it made it's appearance.
 The quilt I mentioned at the beginning from those neglected cross stitches my daughter gave me to do something with?  Well, I was making great strides.  It was almost done in fact.  Enter grandmunchkins to the sewing room.  Whatcha doing?  They spy the leftover quilt blocks from this quilt and previous ones.  Can we have them?  Can we make quilts for our tiger, puppy, dolls?  My initial response was, sure!  After I finish up this quilt.  Enter my husband into the fray.  Debby, the kids are here now.  They want your help now.  You won't always have that.  I listened to his sound advice.  I soon had a boy on my lap sewing his own quilt, one in the dining room designing the quilt below for his tiger, another little girl designing the next quilt for her doll, and another working with the boy on my lap to build on his quilt.

 Yes, I did eventually finish this quilt.  At 11 pm that night.
 I was gifted this owl fabric from a friend on ravelry.  It begged to be pjs for the littlest grandson.  I decided to up the pjs a notch and use a pattern that called for piping.  I won't do it again but the piping did dress them up and make the owl fabric pop.
 Here is the final kids' quilt.  I finished backing it this morning with some leftover flannel.  Some of these blocks were sewn by my grandson.

 A last look at the cross stitch quilt.  My daughter had the 4 cross stitches hanging in her bathroom for years but decided to change the decor.  They were too pretty and beautifully done to just sit.
 Assume the wrestling spectator position!  We've had  the wonderful privilege of re visiting the wrestling competition via our grandsons.  My husband wrestled and our boys were wrestlers.  The first match we went to I was so overwhelmed by memories that the tears flowed.  Great memories for sure but those memories were wrapped up in someone I so miss everyday.  Some days more than others.

 Our two wrestlers!

 We get to see this after almost every match.  Their Dad is a fantastic supporter and encourager to his boys.  Win or lose, he's in their corner.  No excuses, just encouragement.  Their Mama is too, but it's so good for the boys to have their Dad there.

 So what kind of weather is in your area?  This was the scene two weeks ago in our front yard!  Yes, it was a ploy to get them to pick up the fir cones in the yard and it worked!  Oh, and in case you are wondering about their attire?  It was pajama day at school.  Today's forecast?  Snow!
Back in a bit with more wips I hope since the Olympics start tomorrow and I plan on entering wip dancing.

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