Sunday, February 23, 2014


Where we live snow is a novelty.  And to get a foot or more of snow in a weekend is not only novel but so unheard of that it shuts everything down.  We Oregonians don't know how to drive or function in snow.  Rain, yes, but not snow.  It does happen every 5 or 6 years but it comes and goes swiftly.  Imagine our delight when this was the year and it happened over a long weekend so we could shut down and enjoy it.  We kept our feeders full and enjoyed our feathered friends, we took walks to hear the crunch of snow, we watched the Olympics, we had hot soup and cinnamon rolls and enjoyed the whole experience.

 It was also a good push to get started on t he Elsa dresses my granddaughters had requested.  I mentioned them in my last post so I won't reiterate but instead will give modeled shots of 3 happy little girls!  The third dress had not even been thought of in the last post but once the littlest saw her older cousin's dresses she wanted one too.  We went shopping for the fabric and I had just enough snowflake fabric left to make a cape that trailed on the ground as she insisted it must do, and the dress began.  If sewing was an Olympic event I think I would be in medal contention.  I bought the fabric Friday morning, cut it out at lunch time, and by 11pm the dress was complete except for the hem.  There would have to be points deducted for having to sew the sleeves twice but I could make up those points for using French seams in the sleeves, having perfect serger tension (which should be an Olympic event in itself), and artistic creativity since I had to design the pattern myself.  I guess in a way I did get an medal since the girls loved their dresses.

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  1. Wonderful photos, thanks so much for sharing them. The girls certainly love their dresses and they had a lot of fun modelling them for the camera.