Friday, March 7, 2014

Away....and back

For Christmas this year our children gave us a weekend away at the beach.  Oh my.  I don't think they could have given us anything better.  The beach, my favorite place.  With my husband, just the two of us.  Peace.  It was wonderful.  The weather was typical for this time of year, nice with good doses of rain.  But a minus tide exposed tide pools below Haystock Rock and despite the wind and rain, we explored them and found over 20 whole sea dollars along the beach.             
 Our hotel had this delightful courtyard where we would have stayed had the weather been better.

 Ahhh, a latte from Insomnia Coffee.  I took it out to the beach and sat on a rock and enjoyed the sites and sounds and the coffee.

 There was a great circle we walked:  down through town and back along the beach.   A few of the stores begged to be explored and explore we did and kept the economy on the up swing as well.

 After dark in our room while the movie played, I knit this necklace.  It's Kenzi from the Yarn Fairy.  Details on my ravelry page but I will say I love it and I want to make another!

 We got home and guess who came to town the next day?  Stephanie Pearl McPhee!  Better known as the Yarn Harlot.  This is the third time I've been to her book tour and she has yet to disappoint.  Her new book promises to be as entertaining, thought provoking, and laughter encouraging as all of her previous ones.

It was also Dr. Seuss' birthday when we returned home and there was the obligatory serving of green eggs and ham and pink ink yink drink but the pictures of that will be in the next post.  I think spring has sprung!  Windows to wash, car to wash, anything to be outside!

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