Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's a short one

Short post without 100 photos.  No need for a cup of coffee to wade through this one.  I finished a few things.  This little tunic is "Lollipops and Raindrops" by Elena Nodel.  It's been in the WIP basket for a long time.  Almost too long since it isn't a mite too big.  If I'd waited a bit longer it might have been in the gift pile.  Details on ravelry.  I loved the pattern and it was a great stash buster.  There isn't yarn leftover!

 I finished another rainbow jacket.  I have had the pattern for almost 40 years and I've made numerous jackets.  Each time they are different no matter how much I try to copy a previous one.  This one I actually followed the pattern's instructions and hand sewed the binding down.  I've always machine sewed it before and it is almost impossible to get the stitching on the under side "in the ditch" but since it was a time saver I went with the imperfection.  This time I hand sewed it.  I will be hand sewing it from now on.  Although time consuming, the results were worth it!  This one is for my 3 year old granddaughter.  The smallest the pattern comes in is size 5 so it's destined for a fair entry first.

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