Sunday, March 30, 2014

Really? That was spring break?

It flew by!  I can't believe it's over!  It started with a bike ride on the Banks/Vernonia Trail on a beautiful Saturday.  From there the week packed a punch.  One activity after another.
 Monday we celebrated our son in law's birthday with....Pizza!  And cheesecake.  What guy doesn't love pizza?  He received hand made cards and a book from 3 of his children which he lovingly opened and admired.  He is a blessed man.
 We brought some of those blessings home with us for a sleepover.  After all, there was no school so why not.  We watched Frozen yet again.  I cannot get those songs out of my head thanks to two little girls that sing them over and over and act out the movie through out the day.
 The week was spent sewing!  When I asked our grandsons what they wanted to do over spring break, one of them replied, "Sew something to enter in the fair."  Well ok then.  I searched for a pillowcase tutorial.  With help.  A little girl was peering over my shoulder while on pininterest.  A tutorial for Cinderella tutus was seen.  The next thing I knew all my tulle stash is gone and 3 little girls have Cinderella tutus.
 Onto pillowcases!  They each sewed one.  They did a great job with the sewing, pinning, ironing, and pride in their work.

 In the evening I sewed one more Elsa dress.  This one is a gift for a friend and is going to be shipped off soon.  I'll leave it at that.  I didn't have anymore snowflake fabric and it is not available anywhere so I used some fabric in my stash that I thought I might need should I run out of snowflake fabric.  It does look like snow flurries?  If you use your imagination?
 We took a morning off of sewing to got to the library story time.  They enjoyed it as did I.  There is still something about being read to.
 This was my favorite book on the shelf.  Too cute not to pick up and take home!
 Back home, the sewing adventure continues.

 With breaks for creative play.
 Ta Da!  First one done!
 Ta Da!  Look how well her cuff and trims match up at the seam!
 Ta Da!

 There were daily movies for a rest time.  He almost completely rested.  Those eyelids are getting heavy.....

 Spring break ended with the first salmon of 2014 coming home for dinner!  These fed 5 families.
Whooosh....spring break is over and it's back to school tomorrow and the regularly scheduled programming.  It went too fast.  We packed a lot in but it went too fast.  I did manage to finish one knitting project and will post it at another time.  It's a wip that's been in my bag for...a year?

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