Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Take it away school!

It's over.  Summer vacation is over.  I feel like crying.  There has been a noticeable absence from this blog because the summer was packed.  That is as it should be.  There was also a noticeable absence from sewing, knitting, crocheting, or any other handcrafts.  That isn't as it should be but it is what is.  When there are children here almost everyday and as many as 7 of them, there is no time for sittin' and knittin'.  I did miss sitting in the  yard and doing that though.  Our yard is secluded, shady, and perfect on even the hottest days to sit and enjoy.  Ahhh, well, the kids are only young once.  I did sit in the yard but more as a peace keeper with the sprinkler and hoses going.  As I said the summer was packed.  Below are a few of our adventures:                       
                                      Trips to the local water park

Time for napping
            Somebody turned two!  That was just one of the 10 birthdays we celebrated this summer!
                                             There were blue ribbons won at the fair!

                                     There was soap making
                             There was the family campout to Ft. Stevens.  The weather was perfect for playing on the beach, swimming in the lake, and riding bikes.
                           There was some Nonny cuddle time with a book.
                         What would camping be without hot dogs?
                     There were visits to the Battery for hide and seek and photo ops.
                  There were baseball games and routing for the home team.

                 There was painting in the yard and then sprinkler play to wash off.
             On a really hot day, inside play at Pump It Up was great fun.

                      There was one last trip to the water park.
                     And the last day before school starts, a trip on the rails, complete with a hold up.

Yep, summer was FUN!  And PACKED!  There was time for learning too.  We watched the entire series of Liberty Kids from OPB in half hour increments each day.  We all came away with a knowledge of the Revolutionary War.  I did manage a few sewing projects in the last week.  Little ones that will eventually make it on the blog but for now, I'm reliving summer and my eyes are misting over.  It went way too fast.  9 months until it's summer again!  In the meantime, there is fall and winter and spring fun to plan.

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