Thursday, September 11, 2014

I finished up some cute, and fun things.

It's that time again over in the IBK group on ravelry.  Time for the Advent Swap.  I think it's been going about 5 years now?  I almost didn't join in the fun this year.  It's a time commitment and I always seem to be late and you can choose to spend a bit.  After the sign ups were closed I lamented in the group that I'd missed them and Mel, the hostess with the mostess, offered to squeeze me in.  I couldn't refuse.  It's a secret swap and I don't think my swap partner reads my blog anyway so I'm sharing a few things I've made for it.  There are 25 things to be included and a list.  Some are must includes and some are open to interpretation.  For example, on one day you must include something red.  I haven't decided if these are for the red day, the "include something Christmasy" day, or even the white day.
 We had to include a project bag, made or bought.  I'm going with almost all made from stash this year since finances are tight.  I've had this fabric for about 8 years.  I bought it in a quilt shop in Joseph when we were camping at Wallowa Lake.  I originally made a granddaughter an outfit out of it but it was not well received.  It was too bright in the opinion of the parents.  So it's been sitting.  I loved it and it was an "aha" moment when I pulled it out and decided to make it into a project bag for me so I could look at it often.  There was enough for two project bags.  I  hope my swap partner likes it.
 A washcloth was a requirement.  I've wanted to knit this pattern for some time.  It screams home for Christmas to me.
 Another requirement was a dish towel.  I saw this gingerbread towel some time ago on pininterest.  It fit the bill!   I think I need to make another for my house.
 In the nick of time I finished up some baby gifts for an upcoming shower.  The shower is Saturday and I can't go but I still wanted to send some gifts.  Send being the operative word.  I stayed up until well after midnight last night finishing the sweater and was up at 6 this morning to put my go to gift for baby showers together..bibs.  Bibs that slip over the head and cover well.  They were born out of necessity 7 years ago when our grandchildren were born and there were 3 of them.  Three littles wanting to be fed and time was a wastin' tying or velcroing bibs.  Eventually the velcro wore out.  We were using towels anyway to cover what the bibs didn't.  Ta Da!  An idea for bibs was born and I've been making them for every baby shower since.
 One of my favorite baby girl sweater patterns:  the Tulip sweater from Dream in Color.  I haven't knit one in awhile but it sure made me remember why I have a stash of Dream in Color yarn.  The colors!  The softness!  I didn't do the seed stitch border along the front  or the i cord along the hem since I ran out of time but it's still cute.  And washable, and warm, and I hope Mommy is as pleased with it as I am.

I may have to make another.  My granddaughter wants one.

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