Saturday, December 13, 2014

The making of a quiet book

My grandson is two and can count to 13, accurately.  But he doesn't know his colors or shapes.  Time for a quiet book.  I have forgotten how many I've done, at least 10.  I started when my children were small and I think I saw one so developed my own.  My daughter still has hers.  They evolved as grandchildren came along and now with pininterest they have become works of art.  This is not a work of art and it only took me 3 days to make.  I have other hobbies and grandchildren and, to be honest, I don't think Mr. C is going to notice if I sewed and embroidered a lot of details.  Most of the ideas are from pininterest but there weren't patterns for most of them so it involved looked at the picture and drawing it out with the modifications I wanted to make.  So if you want to make one,  head over to pininterest and type in quiet books and browse away.  From reading blogs and looking here are some things I learned:
....use a blanket stitch, it looks more handmade than a zig zag
....I used two layers of muslin.  I wanted more firmness but not the firmness of interfacing.
....felt was my best friend and they even have stitcky back felt I used on the sandcastle because I didn't want to sew the little windows.  I used felt doubled and stitched together for the moveable pieces like the shapes and color circles.
....most of all, it was fun!  

 I need to get some cars for the garage so Mr. C can drive on his roads.

 I also need to get some finger puppets for the train windows.

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