Saturday, November 24, 2007

gettin' in the mood....

Yikes! It isn't even December 1st and I'm ready to get ready for Christmas. Unheard of...for me. But just to channel my enthusiasm properly (I don't want decorations up before the 1st and I don't want to shoo Thanksgiving out the door toooo fast) we went to LOOK at decorations. At Pittock Mansion. Haven't been there in years and I think the last time I went, when the kids were 10 or so, I wrecked my Mom's car coming home. And it was about this time of year. Great way to encourage the Christmas good will. Today was different. My hubby had never been there and volunteered to go with us. Except it was supposed to be Yesterday, when the sky was clear and sparkling blue. Today it was grey which made the outdoor pictures grey and the spectacular view...wasn't. He's still eating humble pie. But we still had a great time. The rooms were all decorated for Christmas with a Fairy tale theme.

The spectacular marble staircase.

I think my favorite room. Cinderelly's room. It was also the original sewing room with quite a view. One of the daughters was quite the knitter. Her niece wrote than Aunt Kate was always knitting and her bedroom had a basket of ??? you guessed it, yarn and needles!

Where the holidays always begin and end...the kitchen. This kitchen was themed in the gingerbread man.

Where the hostess of the house always ends up...the mop room. Wish I had Mickey's help!
Bring it on...Now I'm getting excited!

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  1. Wow, what a pretty place. I bet they are decorated beautifully for the holidays. When the page loaded I just saw the picture first and thought, "Wow, she sure lives in a nice house!" :o)