Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I just can't help some things

Some things I can help, like the above (notes on these guys at end of post)
Some things I just can't help. Like this: AND these:

....but some things I can help....like this:

So how are my resolutions going? Well, the house is decluttered, destashed, clean, and sparkling as evidenced by the Mickey Characters and the pantry and the receipts from the Salvation Army. Well, most of it. The first few pictures of this post would point to the contrary but those are just going to take time to declutter and destash. Time to knit, time to scrapbook, and time for grandmunchkins to grow a bit (not that I'm in a hurry for that!)

On the other resolutions? Well, I haven't bought any yarn and I've logged 90% of it into Ravelry so I know what I've got. That was a suggestion from the Destash group I joined in Ravelry. It was positively scary and felt a little like I'd placed a weight on myself since there was so much of it and so much I'd forgotten. Contrary to what the picture of the stash shows, which, by the way, is only 2/3rds of it, it is also now organized. But I may have to carry this resolution to 2009. As far as no new books? I may have to toss this one. I ordered a book back in November and it was just released this month. Don't think that counts. However! Mason Dixon is releasing their second book in September. I'll be pre-ordering it but along with a book for one of the grandmunchkins for Christmas- so does that count?
On other fronts: I've been making progress on the quilts that never end. Hopefully they will end this week? There have been some good things on TV lately and it's been bitter cold here so rather than escape the basketball or hunting and fishing channel and hole up in my sewing/scrapbook room, I've been stitching in the cozy living room, which, by the way, is really the only room we heat to a comfortable temperature. The public broadcasting, Masterpiece Theater, is presenting many of Jane Austen's works in film. Love Jane Austen and I've only read Pride and Prejudice. After seeing Northanger Abbey Sunday night, I'm gearing up to read it. I have all of her books so I don't have to spend anything!
As for the Mickey characters: I made these 12 years ago while we were building our house in the anticipation of a Disney themed kitchen. The kitchen is still my favorite room in the house and full of bright cheerful Disney stuff. But they, Mickey and friends, had not been cleaned ever and in my desire to clean and declutter I made the decision that if they wouldn't wash, they would walk. So with trepidation I washed them and lo and behold they look pretty good...like new!

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  1. Your pantry looks lovely. And I bet that everything is so easy to find now! I wish we had nearly that space in ours.