Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's Tuesday yet again....

So how am I doing on my resolutions? This writing and checking up every Tuesday is really helping me stay on track. I'll have to remember that next year.
*not buying yarn or books or scrapbook supplies? Check mark, and still the checkbook register and Visa show no signs of a slip up. The cash I've had occasionally has gone to Starbucks.
*destashing, decluttering, cleaning closet by cupboard by closet? Another check mark and the receipts from Salvation Army and Goodwill to prove it. Actually it's been more room by room and 2/3rds of the house has been decluttered, destashed, straightened, and cleaned. Yet to go is our daughter's room and the hall closet. The dining room, including the buffet, and my clothes closet and dresser were completed this week. Hmmm, my daughter's room. This is the scary one and should have been first. Her orphanage upbringing where she had nothing and when she did get something it quickly became community property has installed quite a pack rat mentality. I tried destashing a bit this morning and everything I asked if she wanted to keep I received a positive shake of the head. This may be a hard week for this resolution!
*Bible reading? WooHoo! Another check mark!
Now if I can only declutter, destash some of the mountain of yarn...but first finish those quilts! I am getting rid of scrapbook stuff but that's because I catching up scrapbooks!

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  1. After reading your blog today, I've decided I need to work more on my destashing. So I took pictures of my work station and will post it on my blog to hopefully shock myself into organizing it...........

    Thank you for your inspiration!!