Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's Tuesday again....

Something finished..see below..but first....
updating myself on my resolutions. Still not buying anything but I am going to order more pages for scrapbooks and adhesives since I caught up everyone's scrapbook! Everyone that is that had a photo album in process. That was big, really big, since I hadn't done any since the 3 babies were born in July. Now I get to start on the albums for our littlest and newest grandmunchkins! Whew, 6 months worth of pictures! And they change SO fast in such a short time.

(As an aside: I started a photo album for each of my grandchildren and add pictures/scrapbook pictures of them as I take them or their Mom sends them to me or pictures of family gatherings and make it personally theirs but it's my memories of them)

On the cleaning front I'm ahead of schedule! The kitchen is done! Including the pantry! There must be 50 cupboards in that room alone. (Well, at least it felt like it!) But they are clean, sparking in fact, organized, de cluttered, and there is space! Which will not be filled up thank you very much. I made my second run to Goodwill this morning. And rewarded myself with a cup of coffee at Starbucks. (DID YOU KNOW??? HAVE YOU HEARD??? They now have sugar free MOCHAS!! sorry for the shouting but I am SO excited!!!) But now it's time to take a little break and pick easier drawers or cupboards. Must finish the quilts that never end by weeks end with pictures and my back is having a flair up. The Vicodine isn't really working so lifting grandmunchkins is enough for now.

On the New Testament reading....ouch....still struggling with how I want to do this. Our Pastor is preaching on a passage in each New Testament book per Sunday so I toyed with the thought of reading through a book a week...very doable...so I started Mark last night so I'm ready for Sunday.

And so on I go...to the quilts that never end! Hopefully pictures this week~ but for now I just need to add buttons and the cowboy sweater is done! I have discovered about myself that I need to feel like I finish something when I'm involved in long projects like the quilts (that I've been working on for 9 months). Hence, the break for scrapbooking, the other quilts for Christmas, and the cleaning. I've accomplished something that didn't take too much time away from the quilts.

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  1. Debbie, what a beautiful sweater. It would be a great one for my grandaughter. Where did you get the pattern? It looks so dainty and soft and I love the blue. Jan