Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wish us a happy half birthday!

Multiples run in our family...healthy multiples. My Mom had twins (my brothers) and they were 1 week overdue and both over 6 lbs. Supposedly fraternal but they sure look identical. I had twins, identical, two weeks overdue, induced, and both over 7 lbs. My boys are identical which are considered "freaks of nature" according to what I read one time. We like to tease them about that and the fact that they were a half an hour apart. We used to tease Jer that it wasn't his birthday until a half an hour after Jas.
Then there is our daughter. She got the twins alright, and an extra helping! She had triplets 6 months ago. They were early and spent a couple of weeks in the NICU. But by what is considered "normal" for triplets they were very healthy. Only 5 weeks early and all but one over 5 lbs. Considering the babies I saw in the NICU I'd say that this pregnancy followed in the family line. However, I prefer to say their health and weight were answers to prayer rather than the family tree. It's probably safe to say that God gave her good genes? But He did abundantly more than we could ask or pray throughout the entire pregnancy. It became our theme verse.
And 6 months later who could tell they were preemies? Happy Half Birthday little ones!

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  1. What cuties! Blessed with good genes? Three times blessed, I'd say!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Dad got a kick out of it!